Venture Builder… What is it?

Still new enough that it goes by several names (startup factory, venture builder, startup studio, venture lab), but old enough that a loose definition is emerging: a venture builder is a team of startup veterans who take multiple ideas from scratch or startups in their infancy and simultaneously turn them into independent companies using shared expertise and resources.


What began organically is now coalescing into a model with some fixed tenets. First, they take an active role in building several companies at the same time. In some cases they are generating the ideas for startups internally, while in others they partner with entrepreneurs and act as second co-founders or acquire promising startups in need of their expertise. Regardless, there’s an emphasis on intensively servicing multiple ventures simultaneously.


Why sell an idea when you can partner with seasoned entrepreneurs and become a co-founder? For all the  challenges they face (prioritization, focus, and communication to name a few), venture builders may represent  the next step forward in entrepreneurship.

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Some love for MidStage

MidStage Ventures is leading me in a new entrepreneurial journey, from techie to founder. They’ve helped me transform and excel my dreams.
Ricardo Silva, PsiControle
MidStage is a company built by and for innovation enthusiasts, in relentless pursuit of the next big idea.
Alex Kappner, JetLiners
I’ve started working with Midstage more than a year ago and that was definitely a wise decision. I really appreciate their professionalism, competence on many topics and more generally the vibs of this company!
John Delfau, Kihnu
MidStage has connected Brazilian startups with the world after moving its headquarters to Los Angeles. It gave visibility to investors and approached the American business mindset to Brazilian Entrepreneurs.
Alexandre Serrão, Ergodontics
Mentored by MidStage, we could open up new business opportunities which has enhanced our growth in a much faster pace that initially projected.
Rafael Schiavoni, SuperCooler
Working alongside MidStage helped us to quickly achieve our goals and to go way beyond it. It helped expand our horizons and better foresee the path to be pursued.
Gustavo Moraes, SuperCooler
MidStage Ventures proved to be top-notch in making dreams come true. The investment thru services were the resources we were needing and looking for, besides the good atmosphere and team-work we’ve done along the way.
Cassio Bartolomei, Book4You