Our team does not stay limited to those who co-founded this Company. MidStage Ventures intends to grow business finding the best match between started companies (midstage) and investors, and to do so we don’t believe we have to adore people, but ideas and businesses. We have the perfect people in different sectors to combine the interests that matters: doing deals.

Leadership Team

“The motor behind the scenes. All it takes to excel whatever dream knocks our doors.”

Lucas Judice
Lucas JudiceFounder & CEO
John F. Freitas
John F. FreitasProject Manager
Arthur Bender
Arthur BenderBranding Specialist at @KeyJump
Amanda Groehs
Amanda GroehsMarketing Expert at @KeyJump


“These guys are essentials to grow the community. They are community givers and makers, who are there to help the startups however possible, although not on a day-to-day duty at MidStage Ventures.”

David Ribeiro
David RibeiroBusiness Developer and Financials
Leonardo Pacheco
Leonardo PachecoDigital Law Associate
Paula Brunoro
Paula BrunoroInternational Tax Attorney
Brian Arandez
Brian ArandezProduct Developer Associate

Storytellers by Experience (Mentors)

“Mentors are, by experience, storytellers. They share their knowledge after experiencing the most difficult business obstacles, and there they are to shorten our Startups path in to success”. We hand-pick mentors for a meaningful relationship with our Startups. It must have a real need, otherwise it would be just another huge picture mural, but no recognition and identification to any startup dream.”

Mark Landay
Mark LandayFounder @ LA's CEO and Chair Emeritus @ Harvard Business School Angels of Southern California
US Investors Network
Juan Vasquez
Juan VasquezLatin America & Spain Coordinator @Nation Builder
US Community Builder
Carlos Banhos
Carlos BanhosHead of Innovation @Gnatus
Tangible Products Innovation and Design
Suedson Freire
Suedson FreireVP @Peiu Port
Corporate Governance and International Trade
Allan Costa
Allan CostaSerial Entrepreneur
Startup mentor using his 20+ years experience as an executive in large companies and his graduation at HBS
Randy Hartshorn
Randy HartshornCorporate Strategist @CSA
American Business Culture and Business Coach for Foreigners
Rodrigo Dessaune
Rodrigo DessauneFounder & CEO @ISH
IT guru and owner of a Top 10 LATAM IT Company
Diogo Roberte
Diogo RoberteFounder & CEO @PicPay
From an awarded Startup to startups. Knowledge share
Sérgio Costa
Sérgio CostaFounder @PagSeguro & Rivendel
Serial entrepreneur with strong background in e-commerces and payment gateways
Leonardo Valverde
Leonardo ValverdeDeputy Consul of Brazil in Los Angeles
International Experience and Internationalization to the US
Ricardo Flores
Ricardo Flores@Wine.com.br
CMO and Chief News Business Officer

Builders (Startup Members)

“AKA Entrepreneurs. Fighters. They are the reason for their success. Based upon their risks, goals, failures, life and passions we move the community forward. We’re glad to build such community of wonderful business people. #BecomeMidStage”

Gustavo Moraes
Gustavo MoraesSuperCooler
Rafael Schavoni
Rafael SchavoniSuperCooler
Ricardo Gazzola
Ricardo GazzolaSuperCooler
Alex Kappner
Alex KappnerJetLiners
Rai Cardoso
Rai CardosoJetLiners
John Delfau
John DelfauKihnu
Emilianos Ellinas
Emilianos EllinasAthlete Base
Xenios Polydorou
Xenios PolydorouAthlete Base
Shona Hendricks
Shona HendricksAthlete Base
Fausto Sperandio
Fausto SperandioPsiControle
Ricardo Silva
Ricardo SilvaPsiControle
Cassio Bartolomei
Cassio BartolomeiBook 4 You
Guilherme Pella
Guilherme PellaAstan Bike
Nicolas Rutzen
Nicolas RutzenAstan Bike
Helton Luis Boaron
Helton Luis BoaronAstan Bike
Mariah Natale
Mariah NataleAstan Bike
Alexandre Serrão
Alexandre SerrãoErgodontics
Rodrigo Dangelo
Rodrigo DangeloErgodontics
Adriano Ohnesorge
Adriano OhnesorgeiTestei
Caio Pinna
Caio PinnaiTestei
Paulo Gottardi
Paulo GottardiiTestei
Guilherme Cerqueira
Guilherme CerqueiraiTestei
Fabricio Vargas
Fabricio VargasFixity / Sharebug
Edvaldo Patez
Edvaldo PatezFixity / Sharebug
Marcelo Arrevabeni
Marcelo ArrevabeniFixity / Sharebug
Cesar Filho
Cesar FilhoWeCancer
Leonardo Cunha
Leonardo CunhaImobily
Rodolfo Vasconcelos
Rodolfo VasconcelosImobily
Diego Vieira
Diego VieiraLoucos Por Design
Laércio Figueiredo
Laércio FigueiredoGekom
Roberson Sathler
Roberson SathlerGekom
Alda Martins
Alda MartinsGekom
Juliana Paneto
Juliana PanetoBuzão
Filipe Cardoso
Filipe CardosoBuzão
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